Magic Bus India Foundation, Maharashtra


This is one of the key initiatives of NEG-FIRE that aims at creating a transformative force of local-leaders from the ‘Denotified Communities’, who with the right kind of training, would engage with the larger society demand good education for their children. One organization was selected for this program viz., Magic Bus India Foundation. The broad objectives against which progress is to be gauged are as follows: (i) Mobilize communities on the issues of child labour and child rights, (ii) Work towards universalization of elementary education in the project area and (iii) Liaison with the government and the education department for policy reforms. This particular project looks at a strategy of achieving these objectives through developing 60 Community Sport Coaches and 8 youth mentors and using Sports as a means for entry into education.

This project reaches out to 2343 children from NT-DNT Communities and 83 teachers in 46 schools in 63 villages in Maharashtra.

Theme: Edu-leadership Programme