आंगनवाड़ी कार्यक्रम : एक प्रवेशिका

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Tandavaril Goshthi - A book in Marathi and Lamani dialect with stories from the Laman Banjara community.

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A book in the Dhangari dialect with stories collected from the Dhangar community.

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A bilingual book in Marathi and Pardhi dialect with stories from the thePardhi community living in different parts of Maharashtra.

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Katalvat: Stories of 'Vadar' (NT) community and their tradition compile by Social science center Mumbai. This is small experiment to give identity of the community.

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Batoo ki Katha

Batoo ki Katha: Traditional oral stories of migrant communities known as NT/DNT communities. These stories named 'Bhatoli Katha' compiled Lok Parishad and Social science center Mumbai.

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Kukur: Traditional oral stories of 'Kaikadi' communities compiled by social science center Mumbai. This community is located on the Karnataka and Maharashtra boarder area, where all the stories collected from the leaders of the community.

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Parushi: This tells us about the traditional stories of 'Mang-Garudi' communities. This is most vulnerable community and no traditional literature to give them cultural identity, hence this book is small initiative to give identity through their stories.

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Hamara Goorur Balbachiya sakki

Hamara Goorur Balbachiya sakki: Traditional oral stories and dramas for children of 'Laman' community in their own language as well as in Marathi.

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