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Aapdi Sopdi

A new series of children's books titled Aapdi Sopdi in Bhili and Hindi has recently been published and is being used in the Jhabua and Banswada districts of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, respectively through its NGO partners. Children belonging to the tribal belts in border areas usually face learning difficulties in classrooms as the medium of instruction is different from their mother tongue. These books aim to bridge the existing language gap between the mother tongue (Bhili) and the medium of instruction (Hindi) so that Bhil children can enjoy schooling as well. The series is designed for children in the 4-8 years age group, keeping in mind the tribal context, art and culture.

Aapdi Sopdi - Part I

Aapdi Sopdi - Part II

Aapdi Sopdi - Part III

Bi-Lingual Books

In starting years of schooling, tribal children face difficulty in classrooms as the medium of instruction is different from their mother tongue. The series of" Hamar Kitab" is developed to bridge this language gap so that Gond children can enjoy schooling. The series is designed for 5-8 age group children considering the tribal context, art and culture. The series have three books in Gondi/Hindi – First book exhibits a child journey from home to jungle, school field and to many interesting places. This part contains pictures and words in Hindi and Gondi; second part is focused on text book where selected stories and poems from text book, are given in Gondi language. Third part is designed for teachers, different words which are used in classrooms and in daily communication are included in the book. It is a reference book for teachers, which help them to understand children language. The Gond children, community, teachers and local artist of mandala and dindori districts have played special role in developing these books.
Multilingual Material: Set of three books in Hindi

Hamar Kitab I

Hamar Kitab II

Hamar Kitab III

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