By Centre for Education Research and Practice (CERP)

Following the national concerns and keeping in view the status of education of tribal population which is one of the important constitutes of its population (12.56 per cent 2001 census) Rajasthan Government and others associated in the education field have been taking up all kinds of initiatives which include implementation of national schemes along with special tailor made schemes for the improvement of status of education of tribal children in the state.

Data on overall literacy levels, enrolment, school attendance, school dropout, transition rate from primary to upper primary to next subsequent levels are crude indicators of overall educational progress and also serve as an index of opportunities for education provided and availed in the past.

The overall literacy rate of tribal population in the state is 44.7 per cent against 63 per cent in of state literacy rate. The difference in rate of school attendance of rural ST girl as compared to its boys is 22.96 per cent in Rajasthan. In urban areas the gap is smaller but it is still above 10 per cent (NCF 2005). As per the figures of 2003-04(NCF2005) the dropout rate of tribal children in Rajasthan between I-VIII is 74 per cent.

Hence keeping these facts in context we felt a need to understand issues related to school education in the tribal areas of Rajasthan and the present report is based on this study. The overall objective of the study was to understand present status of elementary education in the tribal region of Rajasthan so that tailor made programmes and strategies could be evolved for the further improvement in status of education for the tribal children in Rajasthan state.

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