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Child Rights and Child Protection for Children in Quarry areas

This programme was conceptualised to eliminate child labour in 39 villages in the Bundi District of Rajasthan, through the medium of education. In Bundi, where NEG-FIRE started its intervention, about 15,000–20,000 children are working in mines and stone quarries. These children are mostly engaged in making cobbles and small blocks from sandstone quarry waste. In schools, student dropout rates are high, while girls are married off and made pregnant before the age of 18 years, leading to health risks for both mother and the child. Malnutrition is pervasive across all age groups, especially among girls.

In view of all this, the focus of this programme has been on creating an enabling environment for elementary education, strengthening and improving the quality of early childcare and development, community mobilisation and elimination of child labour through education. This programme has developed 78 social mobilizers and 195 empowered women to initiate and lead the momentum to eradicate child labour and improve the functioning of schools and Anganwadi centres to ensure that children get to exercise their rights, particularly education and health rights. These women are also taking part in the social, political, and developmental processes in their respective villages.

This programme has reached out to 12,807 children and is being directly implemented by NEG-FIRE.

12,807 children belonging to the quarry areas in Bundi, Rajasthan have been enrolled and retained in schools

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