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Early Childhood Education

Widely defined as the period from birth to age six (and often extended until eight to account for the transition into primary school), early childhood serves as the foundation for a lifetime of growth and development. Therefore, early childhood educational interventions will have a strong remarkable impact on the first generation learners who are less likely to gain exposure to essential educational experiences in their home environment. For this reason, Early Childhood Education (ECE) must be considered the ultimate starting point to level the field for the poorest and most marginalised children.

NEG-FIRE is working with 562 Anganwadi Centres across 24 districts in 9 states of India. An important strategy for intervention in ECE is developing contextual pedagogy for children in the age group of 3-6 years.

NEG-FIRE has imparted training to AWWs on organising a pre-school education component in the AWC through the concept known as ‘learning circles’. A day in an AWC is divided into 11 learning circle or methods through which all the required skills are imparted to children. The 11 method learning circles are as follows: 1) Open Circle, 2) Show & Tell, 3) Planning time, 4) Working Time, 5) Story Time, 6)Cleaning Time, 7) Recall, 8) Snack time, 9) Outdoor and Indoor games, 10) Small groups and 11) Closing time.

To make our interventions / approach more focused and systematic, we have developed and disseminated a primer on proper functioning of Anganwadi Centres. This is to further help and guide the field staff, AWWs, Mothers Committee members, panchayat members and community representatives towards ensuring improved services of Anganwadi centres in the intervention areas. During the period 3500 copies of ICDS primers were published. We have disseminated 1800 copies of ICDS primers among partner organisations, government officials, teachers, AWWs, Mata Samities members, PRI representatives and community representatives in the project area.

As a strategy, NEG-FIRE intends to strengthen the Mata Samitis or Mothers Committees associated with AWCs to be aware of their and their children’s rights and entitlements concerning education, health and nutrition. As a result, by the end of March 2016, out of a total of 250 AWCs where regular data is collected through our Computer based MIS (CMIS), 242 Mata Samiti’ have been formed or revived and are functioning on a regular basis.

6261 children from the age group 0-6 years, are now enrolled in schools and are receiving proper education.

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