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Inclusive Education for children from the most backward (Musahar) community

The overall literacy rate of the Musahar Community is merely three per cent. NEG-FIRE has been engaging with the community for over 6 years now, in the region of Madhubani, Bihar through partners. The basic aim is to create an irreversible and self-sustaining momentum for education and upward socio-economic mobility by empowering children from the Musahar community through education.

NEG-Fire has facilitated in creating CLAY (Community Leadership and Youth) model to promote Right to Education to Musahar Children of Bihar. Currently there are 8 CLAY centres in Patna district of Bihar. These centres have conducted training of SMC members from Musahar communities to understand the need and capacity of SMC members coming from Musahar habitations. A CLAY fellow is in charge of the centre and performs the role of teaching and enrolling children. Library support is also provided in these centres.

Another important strategy of the programme is in the promotion of BalSansad. In all schools, BalSansad has been activated with inclusion of two portfolios of Manjhi children i.e. Social Justice Minister and Deputy Social Justice minister. All together we are working with 252 children of Balsansad to promote human rights education in schools.

One of the important strategies of the project across all the villages working on inclusive education in Bihar is the promotion of Treasure houses. It is here in these treasure houses, that Khel Se Mel activities are being conducted, in which children learn values while also having fun. Through this method children learn the meaning of inclusion, equity, equality, affinity and become sensitive towards each other. Children explore and polish their talents and perform on various programs organised within the centre. In almost all the musahartolas in the intervention areas Khel se Mel is actively being promoted. Realizing the effectiveness of the intervention, NEG-FIRE has also released a publication on Khel Se Mel.

15,621 children from the Musahar Community have been empowered through education.

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