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Integral Education for Adolescent girls

As per the Census of India (2011), population of Adolescents is about 253.2 million. Of which 113 million are adolescent girls which means that 45 % of the adolescent population in India are girls. Despite their huge number, adolescent girls in India are largely invisible – prevailing socio-cultural customs and traditions leave them powerless and unable to decide their own future. Dominant socio-cultural practices and mind-sets about adolescent girls are fairly universal across India and are manifested in key aspects of their lives like discrimination at home, early marriage, lack of education, lack of formal employment etc. However these girls can be essential agents of change in breaking the cycle of poverty, discrimination and deprivation. NEGFIRE believes that focusing programmes on girls can lead to better futures for women, children and families, thereby creating intergenerational impact.

Therefore, a study was conducted in 2015 to assess the educational status of Adolescent Girls in Maharajganj district in Uttar Pradesh. Based on the findings of the study, NEG-FIRE in April 2015 initiated a pilot project for a period of 11 months to reach out to adolescent age group children building their capacities so that they take informed decisions and actively participate in the development of their communities. The project is being implemented in 2 tribal districts (Mandla & Jabalpur) of Madhya Pradesh and 2 most-backward districts (Maharajganj & Azamgarh) of Eastern Uttar Pradesh through establishing Avishkar Centers (Centres for Co-Creation and Learning) and facilitate in imparting life skill education training, basic computer skills training, and career guidance.

Another important strategy of the project is to promote gender champions from among those who have undergone training in our Avishkar centres. These gender champions have now become the rallying points for mobilizing adolescent girls in the villages to join Avishkar centres. Further, these gender champions have emerged as facilitators, taking some sessions at their respective centers and extending facilitation support as well.

An outcome of the project was in the initiation of the creation of the modules on life skills and Computer education.

2000 girls between the age of 14 to 18 years will be empowered to release their full potential through career guidance and IT & life-skills training by March 2016.

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