New Education Group

New Education Group – Foundation for Innovation and Research in Education (NEG-FIRE) is a knowledge based development organization promoting quality education for children from the marginalized communities across India. Through strategic and value-based partnership with local NGOs and community groups, we complement the educational processes in government schools that leads to greater levels of inclusion and increased learning outcomes. We believe in creating a collaborative and sustainable model for ensuring quality education to children – a system which includes combined efforts and initiatives from us, our local partner NGOs, government departments, community groups, teachers, parents and many others. Our model also aims at providing opportunity for the community members to suggest additional measures for enhancing the quality of education for their children.

Access to quality education in government schools can have an irrevocable effect on a child's future, it can transform their life, helping them have a brighter future that has better opportunities. This not only brings them at par with other individuals of their age, but also helps them in growing personally and become economically independent. When everyone has an equal chance at moving up the economic ladder, it has positive ripple effects on the society at large! We eventually want these children to get educated, become independent and confident individuals contributing to the betterment of the entire community, and each one of us has a part to play in this journey towards a brighter tomorrow.

We recognise the immense talent, skill and knowledge these children possess. And when given relevant and timely opportunities for growth and learning, they are ready to work hard, to put their best foot forward, to spread their wings and fly! The happiness on their faces when given an opportunity – a book to read, a pencil to write, a crayon to draw or a ball to throw around, is what drives us, is what motivates us and our partners every day to do what we are doing.

We look at them and we wonder… wonder what they will become when they grow up…wonder what change they will bring about in their communities…wonder how the state of marginalized communities will change over the years…wonder whether there will be no more marginalized communities!

That is why we consider children integral agents of change and find ourselves lucky to be working with them every day, contributing to change, helping in building a better tomorrow for not just them but the entire country.

And we can't help but smile and be grateful for this opportunity.