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Co-creating With the Teachers

Teachers are an important catalyst in transforming a child’s life. A well-trained and motivated teacher can help a child in not only performing well in school but also help them to become confident, enhance their creativity and nurture values of love, togetherness and acceptance.

In the absence of skilled teachers, schools are unfortunately not being able to function in an effective and efficient manner. It gives rise to an increased number of drop-outs and low learning levels among children. Pre-service and in-service teacher training often fall short of equipping our teachers with the skills and mindsets required to succeed in teaching children from different backgrounds and varying needs. For children belonging to marginalized communities and geographically remote areas, the role of teachers holds additional importance and value. The teachers need to teach in a child’s mother-tongue, understand his local surroundings and incorporate them in classroom transactions.

To address the multi-faceted challenges revolving around government school teachers teaching children from marginalized communities, we are actively working with teachers to create a cadre of motivated and skilled teachers who promote inclusive, child-friendly and joyful classrooms/schools that will help the children to achieve appropriate age and grade-specific learning outcomes.


Pre-primary Teachers


Primary Teachers


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Teachers Trained on Inclusive Education


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Connecting with the Teacher

Our work with teachers revolves primarily around 2 core components:

Teachers Training

One of our core strategies currently and in the coming years will be to ensure that all primary and pre-primary government school teachers have the necessary training and skills required to teach efficiently the children from marginalized communities. Since the children from these communities have numerous reasons and situations created for them which can make it easy for them to not come to schools, it becomes even more imperative for the teachers to excel at their job. The teachers might have to use innovative and unique methods to ensure that these children come to school, regularly attend classes and eventually perform better.

Here’s how the teachers training process works:

Teachers Training Manuals:
Training of Key Resource Persons (KRPs) or Master Trainers:
Teachers Training:

Development of Teaching Learning Materials (TLMs):

TLMs can have a remarkable impact on enhancing the quality of the classroom transactions and can help the children in grasping concepts faster and more efficiently. We, during and beyond the course of our teachers training, build capacities of teachers for creating appropriate age and grade specific TLMs using content from the local community's culture and practices. Teachers are trained and given numerous demonstrations on usage of these TLMs and how to incorporate them in their everyday classroom activities.

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