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Working With the Children

Access to quality education can change a child’s life, specially for children from marginalized communities. It can be the light that they need to change the direction of their life, it can be the hope they need to understand that there are better days ahead…

An environment that promotes education, in school and at homes, plays a crucial role in helping the child become interested in going to school, receiving education and ultimately becoming empowered and independent. We work with children at two levels – Inside the school and outside the school, and build our strategies accordingly.


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Children’s Education

Work with children inside the school

One might think that bringing a child into the school system is the most important. However, recent studies, survey results and our own experiences are showing that enrolment into schools is just the beginning. Even in places where children were already enrolled in schools, it was found that the learning levels were low, rate of drop-outs was high and transition from primary to upper primary schools was bare minimum.

These findings brought forth many questions.

Why are they not attending schools regularly?

Why are their learning levels still low?

Why are they not being able to comprehend what the teacher is teaching?

We, along with our partners, then started working towards answering these questions and addressing them in a unique manner. It was essential to keep in mind that the children in question were not urban children, not even rural… these were the children from the most marginalized and remote areas of India. To work with these children we needed a different approach, a different perspective and a unique customized course of action.

Here are the strategies we are currently using in pre-primary and primary government schools to ensure that children take an active part in their own learning and are eager to continue formal school education. This will eventually lead to increased learning levels among children.

Mother Tongue Based Multi-lingual Education (MTB-MLE):
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Bal Sansad or Child Parliament:
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Role Model Adolescent Girls:
Implementation of the Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS):

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