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We work with the government in bringing about transformation. Therefore engagement and collaboration with government including education tribal welfare, Akashwani, SCERT, etc departments underlines all our programmes and strategies.

We are always working towards developing new partnerships and strengthening exiting partnerships with government structures so that they integrate our child-centred and joyful pedagogies in schools and anganwadi centres.

We analyse the data collected from our field projects and create report cards which highlight learning outcomes from schools and Anganwadi centres in the area. These report cards are then shared with relevant local authorities who can give suggestions and take measures as and when needed. These report cards also provide an opportunity to assess progress of the project and take mid-course correction as and when required.

Connecting with the Teacher

Our child-friendly contextual pedagogy for children from the scheduled tribes has been now tested in 453 schools in 5 states. These pedagogies incorporate several unique strategies such as mother tongue based multi-lingual education, treasure houses and more, which support the learning processes being carried out in the classroom and enhance learning levels of children. Government authorities have seen success and efficiency of these pedagogies and are now working with us to replicate them in an increased number of schools in their areas.

Our trainings for government school pre-primary and primary school teachers and key resource persons are carried out in collaboration with government education and training departments. The trainings help in building capacities of government school teachers/KRPs and enable them to train more teachers, thus enhancing the quality of education in government schools. We collaborate with government academic and monitoring institutions to take up periodic early grade (l and ll) learning assessment which helps the teachers in understanding the learning levels of children and to make changes to their teaching practices accordingly.

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