The happy school in devgaon

Devgaon, a remote village situated in the Mandla block of Madhya Pradesh is predominantly inhabited by Baiga tribes traditionally engaged in shifting cultivation in the forest areas. The village is also home to a happy and joyful primary school. Few features of this school instantly shine out – cheerful and excited faces to welcome you, a mixed sitting arrangement with girls and boys sitting together, children facilitating the morning assembly themselves, confident and eager to learn children and enthusiastic teachers. The morning assembly in itself is unique and creative comprising of not just a morning prayer session, but also various activities like thought for the day, daily news headlines, storytelling, action song and skits. When asked what they love about their school the most, none of these children shy away. They instead have a lot of things to say about it, such as how they love coming to school and studying, what their favorite subjects are and how a majority of them want to become teachers and doctors. The confidence that these children exhibit is indeed a unique and a pleasant sight!

The teachers of the school are very enthusiastic and active as well; they talk about how the teachers’ efforts and community support have made the school the happy place that it is right now. The children love coming to school and are, at all times, interested in what is being taught in the classroom. The community supports the school in every way it can and ensures that all children go to school and receive education.

This school is a great example of the incredible results of combined efforts! Only when all of us come together and work towards children receiving education, will we have more schools like this happy quaint little school in Devgaon village.

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